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Security Services Provided



American Public Defense's Special Operations Unit (SOU), consists of a variety of  Defense Officers and Defense Agents (usually in plain clothes). They work primarily in low income homes and complexes working as the Housing Authority for the area. The SOU team is the most effective during major events acting as lookouts for terrorist activities, this team cloaks themselves by their plain clothes attire and unmarked yet identifiable vehicles.



APD Uniformed Services team exploits high visibility in most highly populated areas, such as construction sites, malls, food courts, special events, concerts , schools, warehouses and many small businesses. The Uniformed Services department is the heart of American Public Defense as they assist local law enforcement agencies on patrols, service calls, and emergency calls in the APD jurisdiction.




APD Executive protection works closely with key personnel such as celebrities, music artists, local VIP personnel, and even assists local government security with the protection of Government Officials. These Executive Protective Officers are trained, licensed, and stand ready for the protection of those who need it.



APD event staff are very well kept. They are trained to be professional, yet keep control of the event they're working. They primarily work nightclubs, bars, concerts, weddings, and special   events such as grand openings at stores and musical events like Lollapolooza. The APD event staff will undoubtedly keep you protected and make you feel safer in your business or at your event. 




Our Child Care Officers are the best in the business. Every CCO thats hired has at least two years of experience in child care. Each CCO has to attend training, by APD, to get certifications for advanced childcare and security operations. The question has been asked "Are they nannys?" or "Are they bodyguards?" The truth is, they're both a bodyguard and nanny all in one. Need your child picked up from school? Need someone to make sure your home is secure while you're away? Not a problem, because our CCOs will handle all the leg work, and you can continue to live your life. We know you work hard to make a comfortable living for your children, and we're here to assist you with maintaining it as well as preserving all your most valued assets. For more information click here.



Our engineers and technicians are the best in the business. We will install any type of surveillance equipment needed. Your home, business or property will always be secure and protected with our state-of-the-art surveillance cameras and recording equipment. Need a quote? click here or call 865-660-0360 for more info.