American Public Defense Inc.

"Let Us Make A Difference"


The mission of American Public Defense, Inc has solely been  to defend the public, while ensuring the safety and protection for those who deserve liberty. With security ranging from housing authority to bouncers at nightclubs, American Public Defense keeps you and all that you value secure. American Public Defense isn't just an agency that's full of "reactive" officers. Instead, our officers are "proactive", and they're always looking out for trouble so that it can be deterred.  APD assists local law enforcement authorities by taking "service" calls, and respond to emergency calls from contracted clients in authorized jurisdictions. All while keeping a consistent lookout for terrorist-like activities and criminal activities both foreign and domestic altogether to dismantle crime in APD territory. American Public Defense stands as representatives of the people, by the people and for the people of the United States, the state of Illinois, and the Chicago land area. Let Us Make A Difference.